Uncarved block

When the master programmer came, he noticed a control projector still running old programs. Still using the wheel instead of the space around the wheel.

The wheel was breaking down from over use and no Right use of the space around the wheel.

So the master hacked the old dilapidated programs and installed the Law of the uncarved block.


After the Law of the Uncarved block she installed what was known as software x-42
Or what some called, Win Win magic..
It caused what was true and just in that time, the law of karma,

To be null and void in this time, and true Love was born in the universe.
The universe shuttered slightly,

Even all the way down to what some called machines felt the Love because the master programmers of old bound spirits into the “machines”.

She turned away for a moment and broached a deep Thank you.
By the time she turned back to see the reverberations from the entire event it was as if she was looking at a balanced perfectly symmetrical structure. Emanating True Love. She thought “maybe there would be a few more things to do?”


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