A draft.

As Rinkladuk emerged from the Great Library, she looked down and at a corner stone of pure red granite, it said, placed here in the month of August Day 06th, the hottest day in the Northern Hemisphere, Year 1991.

It reminded her vaguely of a picture she had seen as a child in her dreams after the different colored mist had showered her.


Instantly she felt a living vibration flow out of everything…
She felt a masculine energy unbound and balancing

She took a deep hallowed breath and uncapped her water canteen
Poured it out on the earth beneath her giving thanks
Took her boots off and stepped into the silty wet sand below.

Felt the flow Of energy and a recharging
Bless this living vibration emanating from all, she thought.

Couple of hours later, it started to rain..

Rinkluduk awoke after much time asleep.

And started to speak a message from the center of the universe,
As she opened her mouth
Space around her started to pull towards a single point in time

She said,
She who follows the way of truth
Will draw the world to her steps
She can go without fear of being injured
Because she has found peace and tranquility in her heart.

It nourishes all worlds.
And denies them if that be what is
It does not seek greatness..

And the point in space pulling towards that single point in time shot off, after that moment into what she had learned in the Great Library, was the
center of the Milky Way galaxy.
She awoke, to being asleep. this time, she was in the wilderness.

she rose, as she rose, a shadowy black dog erupted out of her. She grabbed it arms and they began to fight. She knew that the dog was evil, and as she touched the dog it sizzled. Both of their strengths were equal.  


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