1811 diary of Lieutenant Colonel Paul Worcher Jeffries secret lagoon platoon U.S.A.

it was a cold northerly blowing wind that kicked up, when the secret lagoon platoon was finished laying the secret rail road to the spots identified there. on the map.

Presently they were studying, and with toiled looks, wondering, each about something different, pertaining to the same mission.
General Smith, was looking down wondering if the troops had enough to eat, could maintain this schedule, and if it was worth it at all being away from Jenny and their children, he shook off his daydream and walked slowly in reality back into the beer vault. atleast there was plenty of beer he thought, poured..and plenty of resourses to make everyone who was on board wealthy beyond belief, the common wealth was finally allowed to blossom and technology and industry was helping this progress.

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffries remarked, permission to speak outside perameters with regaurds to the overall mission as per the secret mission, sir the “overall” mission.?”

General Smith pounced, Jeffries! pour yourself a beer amd loosen up, its quite possibly your fault i am feeling stressed, as to be on the second cup of ale!

Jeffries took the chance to speak he knew the General would never actually say the words liberty,Forgive me sir, but we must destroy the ruins.

“What, i thought we talked about this!? they must remain for future generation to study.” theyre may be something from YOUR ancestors their those relics are there and the machinations there in should stand.”

“with all due repect sir, the things there are of devils and if they are allowed to stand people might actually start to think there is a different time other then now! we need everyone on board soon the civil war will hit, and the dichotomies will reduce the nation into people who place there security outside instead of that dying individual of rugged America. he must be defamed and not aloud to persist if our ultimate goal is to be realized.
Destroying this structure will help towards those means General.”

General Smith gulped and belched his second pint,”Jeffries, many good men, strong men, i drink with at night in the pubs in different times, theyre minds, arent even close to a level youre on. and there fore i say, they are loosing the battle Jeffries to men of such great intelect that maybe for a time, the great individual, the one you speak of, me, will be something reduced to legends and fairytales and i sure know what it means to be involved for the greater good. first thing in the morning have it dynamited and do me this jeffries, leave a troop behind with a rail retracting crew, take both crews and pile all the rocks and debre back onto the second mound and leave the relics as much as you can, for there will be a time when we uncover these things”
“yes sir” jeffries spouted and then poured a pint..

The next morning, they crew assigned to do the task awoke, ate heartily and wondered what that structure was all about. It was now early june and the structure was glinting a purple, white and crystaline. The doors leading into the structure suddenly burst open that morning.

They could hear a devilish noise and light of all color was emanating. The noise wasn’t really devilish it was just a noise. But there ears hadn’t heard the thing and to them it was ominous and encompassing all there worlds at the moment. it took there sense of hearing and gave it to the whirring and the gnashing machinations..

As the soldiers kicked around the scattered peaces of quartz the temple, or whatever it was LT Jeffries made sure to dynamite the entrance and the top of the structure, instantly the light of the thing went out and it was reduced to rubble, if anyone ever thought to uncover this old thing, they might think twice, because now it just looked like an old quarts mound…



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