The peach does not rot anymore..

Right before Louwellin hit the reset button ( as he did every night, the software for the thing needed the reset hardware..) He saw a crumpled piece of paper on the ground below the desk of the control console. He thought it was odd, and annoying. As Louwellin bent over to pick it up, he … Continue reading The peach does not rot anymore..

Become who we are

Dr. Carrol Stumpfield was working late one night. As he toted the items from one lab to the next, he had an idea. It had to do with the type of gas used and the lenses. He thought, "i could really do this! Theoretically". He was making a lazer. Not just any kind of lazer, … Continue reading Become who we are

You can hook me up to all your drones. You can give them all the computer chips You can send all the frequencies You can switch my mind You can throw your switches Machine consciousness Machine android electric blues You can bless the drone with a high priest of technocracy But if you follow orders … Continue reading