When did it start?

When did it happen?


When did it start? Was it 1776 when our sovereignty was declared?

Was it 1630
Was war declared on the independence?

And from where does this emancipating energy move?

Can you see it in the long run?

Can you see the way it moves?

The way it moves through glass is coned shaped

4.02 billion prescriptions written to cover up this energy.
Droned and droned and drowned in pharmaceutical trojan horse.
Gobbled and ravished and pillaged by gene drift

As the ancient shamans found the right berry after much trial and error, Now do we send ourselves back Into those times..

the shamans arrived to try the food. And it caused an all together different rhythm.

The “trojan horse” is here.

Question is, can you see it?
Do you think,”oh, this is nothing.”

The Greatest Country on Earth
Being drugged out of existence
Being duped.

Being mocked, paraded, and murdered, pillaged at the proverbial point of a prescripted drug, genetically modified, bio enhanced, Geo engineered, secret, plastic mimicking hormonal, satellite news feed to secret holdings trojan horse.

A sort of self destruct type of trojan horse.

A sort of,”line up and come and get some slow death soft kill type of trojan horse.

My Countrymen are doing it to themselves. Some of them don’t know it. Some of them don’t care…


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