The peach does not rot anymore..

Right before Louwellin hit the reset button ( as he did every night, the software for the thing needed the reset hardware..)
He saw a crumpled piece of paper on the ground below the desk of the control console.

He thought it was odd, and annoying.
As Louwellin bent over to pick it up, he bumped his head on the desk, let out a yell and finally reached out and grabbed the piece of trash.

He heard a voice say unravel it
He did
On the inside of the note it said
“Make sure, for sure, absolutely one hundred percent, before you hit the reset button tonight.”

A fly landed on him, he swatted it away and thought it even odder to see a fly here.
There was writing on the back of the note, he flipped it over and it said something in spanish he couldn’t read, but he got out his smart phone translate app and started typing

“The Peach nunca se pudre, el Espíritu, el Alma está siempre alrededor de usted, usted Prevalecerá porque usted tiene la inocencia.”
Before he hit translate, for the first time, he wondered if he should hit translate and reset…


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