What is crooked is not straight..

His name cant be told here for fear and happiness

As he set sail from the treacherous coast line
He divided time to suit him

He decided this time, i wont pass in the sea storm

This time i Sail!

And then he returned and was actuated

And his boat was still floating

He wasn’t gloating
Or boasting
It was just springtime and this was the nature of things at that point…

And nature , he decided
Was a nice song
A song from a time before divided time and
This pleased him so

He returned the time to its own song and saw that many others also had to divide time
To suit them
It was nessasary
To return to a Real Immortal song.

Thus Heaven started to reveal itself in a Majestic and lifting up a fairly big rock to see what was under it type of way.


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