Month: April 2015

a time before

At that time, the great planet Charnak was still in the sky. It caused tides to come much much further inland, and a little less frequently. the people of Charnak were teachers to the Earth people. great instructors on time and space, and place and building. There ships were like dragons and insects floating in … Continue reading a time before


the kingdom comes

the empire that never fell was the empire of solid soulsand free spiritsand people of the soundbody.mind.watching diligentlyreporting for lifefor freedom and non violenceand breaking the harvest that mowsandbreaking the tie in space that boundand forever gaining forgiveness from those that bound usthat chased usoriginally to this placeto be relegated to our lessons untilwe forgot how to … Continue reading the kingdom comes

i magi nation

ode to becoming a robotode to becoming an androidode to a class system of robotsode to ignoring the true layout of the Multiverse,a holarchyode to a better life through tyranical control of the masses and direct injection of nano particulate robotic emf controlwallslay outs system upon systemattacks on truth could never bemelt our face off if you want melt … Continue reading i magi nation

the command

she sat in the dark attic prayingmeditating to a point of no thoughtlight showing through the only windowjust then, nine Angels clad in the finest armor broke through the window. she was very scaredas she sat, they gathered around herthey put there right hands forth and out of them came a kind of metallic multi colored dust.the … Continue reading the command