your skin is there for a reason

mothers dont let your sons and daughters grow up to get vaccinated

mamas do not ever let your children get injected with vaccines. 

its all out war against you cant you see?

cant you see they want you to be remotely controlled and 

they sneer and laugh at the ablation of actual humans

they think they can get away with this and be in a world of 500 million people, all subjegated accept for a few

the few that kept a rule over the many in the new age. 


they figured maybe they could control us but we are awaking to the storm. some of us are rising above the storm

some of us are at home in the storm. 

riding the waves like an ancient sea faring people 

we are exact

and we are to the point 

it comes down and we 

yell at the top of our lungs

we grab hold of the sword and plunge it deep into the spiders abdomen

the vaccine preist class

couldnt see it coming

it came from all sides

it came to bring truth

which could never be put down

and they worried and ran back into the hands of their creator

and they bit their nails and shown themselves for what they were down to there very core

we all did. we couldnt run we had to rise!

some of us to a point of passing fate 

some of us to a point of reaching spiritual destiny. 

like tuning a guitar

the dichotomies started to end

falling to true fraternity


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