the vision..

his hand grasped the sword. it felt strong. it felt as if there was much more to it. what he didnt realize was, there was much more to it. 

he didnt realize that he was seemingly different then most. The long strands of crystalized magnetite were clumped up in such a number that it was hard to think without hearing other people or knowing things most people dont know. he thought back to a time when his father showed him what light does to darkness. he thought back hard about the words his father spoke out into the darkness. he asked why he could still hear them, his father replied that the universe is first thought of and then, spoke into existance. then comes the light in exterior. the light is first, but when it is dark outside, light comes from within. the light,son, is first. with that, lights snapped on and the darkness left. he asked his father about the darker areas in the light, his father explained, they too were a product of light and even in the darkness that seems complete outside, the light within is still there. it is always there. it manifests the entire cosmos. 

the sword seemingly had powers but was it him or the sword?

at that moment he started to see fields. 

electromagnetic fields 

he wondered about the tests they ran on him

he wondered about the concentrations of magnetite he had in his body

he wondered about the people that had given up and were lost in a sea of orders

a sea of threats

an ocean of chaos in their heart

he wondered what would happen to them?

just then, the darkness and the sword vanished

he could manifest anything he needed

he could instantly go where he wanted

then he saw grids

grid upon grid

moving much farther passed three dimensions and the prison of x and y 

he saw the manifestation of an infinity of crossing points

he felt scared and afraid at first and just wanted to return to the place where him and his friends were smoking maryjuana.

he heard his fathers voice again.

he said are you sure?

he said, you could go anywhere 

just then he remade the world and the earth was paradise again. 

and he could go anywhere…


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