a lesson..

he sat me down, and asked “what is it you are doing here?”

“what are you trying to acomplish?”

i told him i wanted freedom for me and for the people of earth. there was alot more i wanted to say but i couldnt think of anything at that moment i was scared and shaking and naked in all ways not even my thoughts were private to him.

he laughed and proceeded to tell me that if the highest ideals of peace and prosperity for one and all were followed, we would eventually have access to an infinite amount of worlds.  he said humans were made to become what we call lymphocytes in the human body and then laughed again.

he said this way is the hardest, for overcoming the things we would have to over come would be hard for the emotionally charged earth people. 

but if we did, all issues would resolve by default and that eventually we would be shown the way to true paradise, on earth and above on an infinite amount of worlds.  i told him that sounded ideal and that ideal things are hard sometimes to come by 

and he said, you have shown yourself to be one who manifests dreams and the miraculous rinkleduk.

a mind connected to the All

you must tell them…

i started to speak again and he said 

Silence, the doors will open to you..


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