he had his rope

he had his weed eater

he had his rope

he had his will

he had his strength

and one day he came to a small yard with lots of weeds

so he cut them down along with all the poison mushrooms

he knew about the stories they told of the trunk in the middle of the small yard

and finally cutting through all the weeds and all the overgrowth

he came to the trunk

finally with the rope and some leverage

he opened the trunk and all the flies flew up and eventually found there way..

he expected to find the treasure in the trunk

but it was just an empty trunk

then he remembered his mothers words

“son, you are such a treasure, your heart is gold and your mind is infinite! Never forget how special you are!”

he looked around and the yard was clean.

ready for another month of watering and growth. 

“see ya in month yard”


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