the command

she sat in the dark attic praying

meditating to a point of no thought

light showing through the only window

just then, nine Angels clad in the finest armor broke through the window. 

she was very scared

as she sat, they gathered around her

they put there right hands forth 

and out of them came a kind of metallic multi colored dust.

the dust streamed and circled her

it was all around her and she breathed it in.

the head of all of the angels,

spoke at her. almost a yell. a command

” eshtieck le helltanic ma na al!”

she rubbed her eyes squinted and rubbed her eyes again.

then he commanded

“Rise onto your feet now!”

she stood up, as tall as she could be.

as soon as she stood, all the 9 angels sat and bowed their heads in reverance.

one stood

he was the general 

he started commanding and shouting again

“Ashtina hey yaya ect a ashtina hey yaya


al kin am blin ack shin ra!”

his eyes were a deep blue grey and she felt a humbling spirit come over her

just then he spoke three more words

“Minerva, alshinackta cholya”

this was the ancient tongue of the Gods and angels and humans that were divinely connected to the all.

by this time all the angels had disappeared, except for him who spoke to her, then even he started to disapear and melt into nothing and all that was left was a skull on the ground

and a little tiny person speaking at the the skull, this to gave way to an estate over ran with skeletons and the undead

she was now clad in armor and had a double headed axe. the undead started to run and she followed the skeletons all falling to her axe..

then the axe disapeared and became a hammer and in her left hand she held a sword. 

the armor was glowing as she hunted the vile creatures…

it all vanished and she was left in a pristine garden with water flowing over her feet and it began to rain.


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