i magi nation

ode to becoming a robot

ode to becoming an android

ode to a class system of robots

ode to ignoring the true layout of the Multiverse,

a holarchy

ode to a better life through tyranical control of the masses and direct injection of nano particulate 


emf control


lay outs 

system upon system

attacks on truth could never be

melt our face off if you want 

melt our entire flesh 

i could tell you how many times you’ve betrayed us but you dont believe in anything 

and so something bigger comes 

its infinitely smaller then your smallest

and its bigger then anything you can imagine. unless you still have an imagination.

people have suffered worse fates then the things you have done including and down to my soul. 

robots whether controlling class or slave class are just robots

androids are just androids. 

stomp us out. 

we work in all time and places 

you who have the eyes to see know

we will be here forever. 


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