a time before

At that time, the great planet Charnak was still in the sky. It caused tides to come much much further inland, and a little less frequently. the people of Charnak were teachers to the Earth people. great instructors on time and space, and place and building. There ships were like dragons and insects floating in the air. fast and slow. fast and slow. some went forward and some went in all directions. some of the giants went the wrong way. they made those giants suit them. they had become something else. most were slaves to the people of Charnak for their crimes. Building the great forgotten structures. Lost and buried in time. Under many years of snow and glacial ice until the great melt, and after, only recognizable by the ones that lived in every age. everyone had really, but some knew it and some did not. There was a great deluge coming and the people of Charnak were preparing, it might be a avoided, it might not, but they prepared. the greatest of structures were lined up with the poles and made to be ready for many things, the tide included. Charnak seemed to be getting closer every year. bigger with each passing month. the ones that counted time and the Shamans, saw the great deluge and the people of Charnak offered to help, they would commune with the great ones from afar, and save Earth, but Charnak would be destroyed. it was the only way. Charnak was a desert barron planet and Earth had always been a paradise. The people of Charnak loved the earth people, even the giants they could have extinguished but they knew it wasn’t the right way. A better way was to let these things be worked out by time, a blink of an eye to the great ones from afar. This was a time before. A time of water. A time of great works, a time before the moon we have now. 


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