we did it for you we did it for the data.

arms stretched screaming clawing

biting knawing

as the “gods” looked on with notes and pens in hand

data scribbles

data minors

miners at the edge of time

miners at the end of space they thought

then something happened

some at the bottom started flying

some at the bottom started leaping leaps of joy and love

and fruitful

it caused the edge of time and the end of space to disapear

the shamans saw the ships coming in

the shamans saw the plants we needed.

the machine begged and pleaded to have silence

the machine had to be turned off
the constant interference had to be stopped by any means nessesary.

the most basic fundamental human right, to be left alone, had to be reinstalled.

love was reborn on earth

Atlantis never fell into the ocean

it was just a rift in time that repeated itself until we awoke.


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