everything is ALIVE

once, when you believed 

you were two hundred thousand words

5000 memes

and some water and chemicals

once when you believed you didnt have a choice

once when you went head first into electronic prison

we arrested ourselves


we got lazy

we found a way to believe the dirt and mold and gross maggot ridden cockroach ridden homes were not what they were

we just kept doing the same thing everyday

dirt piling up

everystep closer to complete arrest.

but it wasnt complete

because it wasnt able to touch essence

it couldn’t touch source

and most of all

because it was predicated on the notion of everything being dead. 

in truth everything is vibrating

everything is alive. everything
this is not consent for you to hurt any of us more with your electronic psycotronic warfare

this is me saying, i donot agree with what youre doing to me or anyone else with you transhumanist agenda. you want to hurt someone, hurt yourself because that is the only person you hurt when you hurt others in the long run. Its like there is nobody home to reason woth because there is no humans doing this to people.. just a bunch of non humans that like to hurt decent folks they deem what ever it is they deen on them, no different from the church beheading people when they siad the earth was round no different from priest classes that believe they can have 2000 slaves, no diferent then hitler no different then any of the atrocities that have occured since the fall from grace. 
i pray we gain grace back

i pray we gain humanity back

i pray we fall in love

i pray we realize the gift of ourselves and 

finally stop hurting ourselves

i pray we realize the uniqueness of each individual.

as long as those individuals obey Gods law

do no harm.


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