it was a great caravan

round the long bend 

more then a sun rise could be seen

it had nothing to do with an individual as such

it had everything to do with the individual and his or her strengths and willingness to build a new world

it was a great caravan

it was swaths of them

all headed out

trained and cultured

strong souls

we knew there was more

we had compact technology

and when we arrived

to a desolation

God gave us the ability to transform it into a paradise
this all happened after we were able to cast aside differences on this one planet Earth

we did it, we cast them aside one day we started seeing ourselves in other people. 

it was beautiful

it was love

not the carnal sort but true love. 
we took control of ourselves and our emotions and we started using ourselves to build this one paradise

God given

and the whole universe, the multiverse opened its arms to us

God embraced us as we embraced eachother

population was never a problem again,

the oldest wounds from unforgetable sorrows were healed

the sky 

and the earth 

the spirit and clay
Heaven on Earth


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