Month: December 2016

to the bedrock

It was those red rocks.. from the old red mountain It used to be a volcano... washed up in the mud from that great old flood the ocean was looking for more of itself asking the sand if it had salt too? and I was looking for rocks to lay up the foundation after old … Continue reading to the bedrock


something in the chest begins to open up when love is truly initiated when care has been taken more than the unfolding of a flower the planting of a seed in moist earth a bew world begins to come into being alas it flows outward from the chest it allows the creation to take its … Continue reading

Follows a Long Song

In the construction of magnetic fields. patience, Love, not blind but sees all without barriers without rules follows a long song never says die in the construction of magnetic fields  abundance savioring savoring just the thought of touch was enough although it was late..

Birds were still singing..

You were sick coughing fits poles towers powers broadcast your infection the birds were still singing it was fall it was a mess... so we entered into paralell existances and we healed apart energy has a way of catalizing a muse near or far...