the green destiny..

we poked holes

giant gaping holes in the fake reality of the apocalypse

purple renditions of non existant demons and ghosts


 Kadlahesh mak na lan ta r  an a aL!

we forged our steel in the primordial fires of our ancestors

we shouted down the unreal

they shouted back that it was too late

and we blasted away the tiny scribblings of a madman

turned giant shadow corporation


we founded our house on solid bedrock

we hid ourselves deep in the wounds of Christ

we hid our hands under natural law rights

we will be here forever
quantum entangled beauties

spooky actions at distances

and it was perfectly fine to be far away

evil is evil

good is good. 

once you leave that behind

doing no harm

you can really start to learn. 

or forget

we earned the Right to LIVE!


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