one of the homeless people I see while at work in Los Angeles..stuck in traffic.

he had a blank stare for about four minutes and 25 senconds

then, all of a sudden he started yelling. 

from his perch on the bus stop bench

underneath the over hang

out of the rain

it was important to him that they heard him. 
i couldnt hear him though

i was driving by to fast

i looked over at him

and he looked at me

he shook his head no and through up his arms and started yelling again

as if i knew what he was saying was the Gods honest truth. 

and he knew it was.

one day i walked by him

i finally got to hear him

and this is what he said

“they take the wrapping off the pizzas

the hot dogs and what not

then they moleste them so insidiously as to not be able to tell whats happening

only the most discerning eye can tell whats been done after they repackage.

they tell themselves little made up stories to protect there inner psyche

they frolic in abandoned areas of the park where high weeds grow

so noone sees them

but i can tell what they do

i see them

thats why i will never eat hotdogs or pizza again..

but im pretty sure that because i see them they are shadowy shifting

darkness death rattles in the end 

when the sun comes up

it only takes a small match you see

to vanquish an entire rooms darkness

im tired of this war

i just want to rest but i am not allowed

if i do they might ruin more food or destroy an entire city or worse

theyre not human

they dont feel like we do”

and then i got to far away to hear the rest of what he was saying…


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