we stole the lion…

a mohave sunrise

while moon sets

and the trees in a new desert had the emergent response of a long term drought

blasted off we ran 

got outa earths orbit 

we ran

the high ram

we stole him away

we stole the lion

we stole the lamb

we made them our tool

we remotely broadcast all signals to infect

effecting the change we wanted

and why not?

why not change a woman into a man

or a corn plant into a weapon?
we brought all the weapons to the party

i brought my love

to the lie of civilization

i kept trying to love

i still every moment

every day, kept trying to start the engine of love

to prove what i have is true

everyday im coherently alive

i will keep trying

to start the engine of love

couple of hand tools

some cordless power tools..

a speed square are what im using

a twenty five foot measuring tape.

a thirty three foot measuring tape.

a pencil

i have some water to drink

a mojave sunrise while moon sets

broad daylight moon


better believe it yall

some where some time i exist with this much love and it meant something

to someone

maybe it was just for the children

and thier children

and what not

we restarted the world engine. 

so she would stop crying and allow us to find her sisters

i will fill your cisterns to brimming

and over flow them

you watch..

you aint seen nothin yet..


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