why not individualism over collectivism? why not choose care? and by care, i mean care for ones self on an individual wholistic level allowin for care of more then just self, not care because someone isnt thinking what you want them to,according to the collectivist way of thought…

is it ever okay to destroy an individual in the name of collectivism?


is it ever okay to hurt children? 


is it ever okay to purposefully drug people with a type of perfume drug and children as well, getting them addicted to extremely harmful pharmacueticals. 


It is never okay, for any reason to violate anyones natural law rights. 

the only time its okay to use force is when violence is happening to you. If your natural law rights, your inalienable rights as a human being, are being violated, you have the right to stop it with equal or more force. 

But when a group has control of your dreams, has control of your body, has control of the structures of society in a way that they control pretty much every facet of it. from the courts to the police to the gangs and run the corporations, then what?  if that all controlling group decides to cancel you as a human being, a homeo sapien, then what? what happens when force is no longer an option? does the individual disapear ? does the group lose its last vestiges of humanity when that individual disapears? is it ever okay to block someone from bettering themself because of jealousy or hatred? is it ever okay to lose yourself in a group? when you lose yourself what actually happens?  what happens when empathy is all but lost and collectivism takes complete control? well look at history, what happened in turkey when they told the muslims they were the chosen race? what happened in Nazi germany when they were told they were the master race? what happened in Stalinist Russia when collectivism took over and it began to take out millions of people? what happened in Moaist China when over one hundred million people died in the name of communism and still to this day continue to disappear for posing such free thoughts? what happen to the Armenian people that were involved in a genocide? and whats happening now? with the carefully laid out plot of ecocide, of your food water air and land being poisoned into a genocide not seen in our history? what happens when care is lost and people forget what it means to be human and the highest ideals of humanity are slipping away for a collectivist nightmare that has no place for truth, justice, human rights, and there fore the rights of the planet and its organisms as a whole. this cycle has all happened before, and its happening again. and its a sad thing to go through and watch happen. 


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