the Spiraling field..

it was a digital landscape. 

a mock up of what was real

a projection

in it, he saw multiple attachments on people and things

and sometimes himself

these attachments were some kind of organism

that released negativity and fear

and fed on the people and beings they were attatched too. 

some people had more then others

some people had none

some things had more then others

some things had none

in this digital realm, war began one day, with a huge explosion.

after that all these attachments were cast out

they came back

due to time manipulation

and focused psychic attack.

so he started twirling his hand

as he did

the spiraling form of energy

left his right pointer finger
the attachments started to be pulled into the spiraling field.

time dilations started to occur

a bending of time

a touching of different times 

now and then


as they did,

he brought his hand down to the ground

and opened up a dark hole

he kept it stable at 23 inches wide

as he did

the beings from all over 

the attachments

were sucked into the void

then he closed the hole.

people everywhere started to wake up..

place and things began to feel good again

and fear gave way to love

it translated to a lack of control by negative means in the real

the more negativity tried to exert violence and control

the more people resounded with a thunder not heard in a couple millenia. 

the people were becoming less like slaves

and more like owners of themselves

Kings and Queens of the myriad of creatures that lived on and in them

and less like tyrants

there is nothing to be afraid of.


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