Month: July 2017

how you drive my storms

and maybe she wasn't earths moon.. I could've sworn I heard Jupiter in the range he often shouts IO! IO!  how you keep me balanced how you drive my storms.. and blessings to the keepers through invisible waves and magnetic attraction pushing to the surface the scum melting off my slag and when we touched for … Continue reading how you drive my storms


then remade

if the earth was to fold in on itself.. like it does you were always the one who stopped it every age of Lucifer every Atlantis on every channel full spectrum we chose to create this dream things are never closed only finished and then remade reopen.. made full of errors then perfected if … Continue reading then remade

we make the sun brighter..

i found a reason too. fools believe they die when they see you, the cosmic ray of light, electric  digital  bursts through the egg of the earth finally resting  and when it rests with you life is with you as well.