ode to the love of the poor..

how evil, could get away, for so many years,  for so many generations with doing to the good and the poor what it has. so much blood in the name of power.. in the name of a cult.. how evil could run so amok and be left un checked? its a wonder, if this planet … Continue reading ode to the love of the poor..



what were you waiting for? the rhythm couldnt have been in a better spot to make the transition from telling to harmony from singularity to concious flow  two notes  not in discord harmony balance it was never something that complicated.. just love

the perfect American Stoop

shadows of communication lines long shadows of power transmission lines salty lips from oceanas embrace. sun sheds golden tear in the form of beams and waves and particles well whatever you like, really.. nobody seems to understand that notion we just settle for the lowest possible value instead of reaching what we could actually be... … Continue reading the perfect American Stoop