ode to the love of the poor..

how evil, could get away, for so many years, 

for so many generations

with doing to the good and the poor

what it has.

so much blood in the name of power..

in the name of a cult..

how evil could run so amok

and be left un checked?

its a wonder, if this planet IS just a prison planet, full of caged criminals

chased here millenia upon millenia ago. 

quarantined here

left for dead by cosmic police..

aloud to make so much havoc and now what? 

what is the reason for such havoc.

i fear karma is just a reason for people to become psycopaths.

i fear being different

is just another reason for destroying someone not like you in the group. 

now here we are. age upon age of war and children being mistreated and the poor

allowed to become a vile twisted wreck.

and their bodies even sold

carried away like, there vessles thier holy temples taken and aloud to be reprobate.

Why God? Why have you forsaken us?
and then i was taken..to a place 

millions of lights converged into one

light spoke

you could not look upon it

the binding force that held together the world of man was turning its back

and now

the destruction of the world of man was at hand

the Sun had turned it back on the world

and that which gave us life 

became the destroyer..

and those that were undefectable

and those given divine mercy

aloud to see the earth remade and 

aloud to go out once again..

praise HIS name.


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