this post is to place something that should be stopped into the public if that could stop the synagogue of satan zionists and all or their cattle minions.

The people around me and I, are being drugged by the use of pharmacuetical gasses, i have reason to believe that it is mutliple different drugs, although i do not have the money to get blood work, they have entered into my temple, my body, after a show, called operation repo, filmed on location at my place of residance and i was extremely naive. i should have turned them away, but they took me letting them use the place as consent to hook my temple, my body, up to an extremely dangerous and sick Artificial Intelligence that has full spectrum dominance. now i am “interupted” hundreds of times a day, 24/7. harrased by a machine, and very mentally ill groups of people, that are involved in a collectivist social experiment, that have enslaved themselves to enslave other people with psycotronic weapons and radionic weapons and bioweapons like crispr are also being used on multiple people around me and me. they have not asked us for consent, the synagogue works on passive aggressive languages to get consent from you, they are predators. they prey on the people they actually think they own. i am writing all this to say that i am loosing my mind, i fear that something stupid is coming from me soon as i cannot remain sane with all the travesty and drugging day in and day out. i am watching my family crumble because of them, i am being destroyed for loving a woman a while back. thats the whole reason for this in the first place, “they” deamed me “sick” because i “thought” about her too much. as i write this, they have drugged me and the people around me 3 times. with different drugs. i dont know what i am going to do. the people that drug me live right in back of me. they are zionists. they are sick in the head, the people that drug me live in LA, all over LA, sometimes it comes from planes.

one of the things the cell towers systems are doing is “husking” human beings and turning them into shells. without any type of humanity left, if you use this technology to enslave someone, you also enslave yourself, and like a boa constricter, before you know it, its too late.

so, this is it, i am writing to say this and put it down so that if i do something stupid, it will be put down that i donot do drugs. i have a medical prescription for maryjuana, that i used to keep myself sane and healthy until the zionists started lacing my herb with xanax and whatever else.

every place i work, places me into a satanic “grip” of a psycopathic “game”. i dont blame the order givers though. its the sickness of following immoral orders that gets me. just like in Nazi germany, the dumbasses with no brain that followed the orders are the ones at fault. as i write this, they are microwaving my right testicle. extremely painful. i have not done a thing to anyone. i write on my website here about love and nature… sometimes romantic love although still, in an age where everyone calls romantic love “base” and the whole culture is being transformed into something unrecognizable. inhuman “transhumanists, which by the way are actually just like bolshevics, who ordered the extermination of 17 million Christians, actually Lenon himself ordered it. we should never forget that. its happening slow motion in this country now.

the picture is used as educational purposes to show the type of future we hopefully dont enter into, although its seemingly too late, all credits to the author, a great man, George Orwell “1984”

this drugging has been happening for for almost 2 years. its the product of societies that have NEVER taken responsibility for their actions. they mistakes are covered up with excuses. there whole matrix of power is based on lies and corruption. when their corrupt ways are exposed, noone has to go to jail or pay the price, they use more excuses instead of TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for THERE ACTIONS.

as i write this down, multiple different factions have been “allowed” to drug us with numerous different types of drugs just now as I AM writing this. i have reason to believe this is also gangs like the MS13 gang. which seemingly has taken over california and wrestled control of it from the federal government through deciet and corruption. they have alot of factions though all using mind control technology and also mind mapping technology and radio freguency location technology of the human body. there isnt ANYWHERE you can go to get away from these people once they have indentified your own bodies radio frequency to get away from these gangstalking criminals. and once they have your frequency then you can be hooked up to microwave weapons where your body is burned alive. this is what i was describing when getting “interupted” constantly through out the day. when your nervous system has been compromised by a bunch of degenerate non human animals that like to burn you alive through out the day or use your own desires or negetivities against you. Its really sad to live in a world of people living out there dreams hopes and desires in a free way, in the most free country in the world and to be held hostage by a bunch of cults and gangs that have stolen your life, your past dreams, your future dreams, and your family and then as you have barely the ability to feed whats left of your family and barely pay the bills through a war of attrition, what happens next? i am just trying to stay positive and realize this is nothing compared to what some people have and are enduring in this world. May the God of All Creation deliver us all. 4/23/18


also there are supposedly remote controlled propellar planes that spray the pharmacuetical chemical weapons from.

also the participants are in Biker gangs..

they have the gall to say that i am stuck in what they call ” base conciousness, although they have my body hooked up to

a AI that tries to influence my body and projects vibrations into people,

alot of them are and have been bikers, they can get in and get through traffic easier.

they are trying to push me away from my children by drugging with atmospheric pharmacuetical chemical weapons. and take them and use them in sex trafficking rings. this whole city seems like one big sex trafficking ring. almost every store i go into here is running prostitution and drugs out of it with watchers standing outside to see who is coming and signal…

take heed that you dont use excuses to hurt people. like karma, or oh that person is just going down the path of eros…so we can hunt him right? do you have me gripped or do i have you under my grip?

remember the ancient law of, what goes around comes around. remember the ancient law of what seeds of energy you plant, is what you reep, when harvest time comes… and are we seeing the first fruits?

has the reeping come?

or will God stay his hand yet even longer?

ode to the harvest that mows…


tonight and earlier today, i was passively aggressively warned by the synagogue of satan, the ones who call themselves Jews and are not, and who control and run the “gay jewish mafia” and who probably control most of the sex trafficking in this city, that i should love them or else. that i better “judge” my ex that this whole thing started from. this evening the atmospheric gassing has kept going, basically, i am at a war with people that or in a sex cult here in LA. i did not start this war. they have pulled all the punches, in fact, all they do is keep punching me in passive aggressive ways, all day they drug me and “suffocate” my air by way of atmospheric gassing, there is no reason for this except that the mother of my children and her family are in this sick cult and they want to dominate and control the thinking and the lives of my children, they want to force feed us there sickness. to be sure, i am not against homosexuality or anyones right as an adult to choose what they want, i am totally against hooking someone up to a Artificial Intellect, a machine, and that machine pushes homosexual thoughts and uses your body in sick disgusting ways. ways that i would never agree with consent to or actually do in my life if it werent stolen and held hostage by “the gay jewish mafia”

Now rogue aspects of the F.B.I. and known gangs and the gay Jewish mafia are using microwave weapons combined still with pharmacuetical gasses to litterally burn my testicles and with the gas drugs to change the structure of my body and change and imbalance the hormones in my body. this is as of the 11th of June 2018. they use every aspect of my life, and a mapped brain, to put me into thier sick psycopathic game. All i am trying to do is raise my children and be as good as i can be, i have never hurt anyone, and i write about love on my website, i have never even committed a crime or been to jail nor would I. I am caught up in some sick agenda of the world, these people actually beleive i am here to judge them, and maybe i am, for all there wickedness is coming swifly to a head in this country, the greatest country on the planet, the only country that seeks to call its own people Kings and Queens of themselves and thier house if only they would do no harm, take responsibility for thier actions and raise thier own selves up from the trash heap. these people are not capable of becoming this in my honest opinion, they have allowed themselves to be husks, non human entities that are extremely dangerous, with microwave weapons electromagnetic weapons pharmacuetical gasses, linked in to elf and cell tower networks, with access to see what people are thinking. litterally the walking dead spiritually. so what is it that they think will happen if enough of them hurt enough innocent people like me? well, If they do not repent, then they will be made to bow their knee, not to the son of man, but to God on high, or the Gods of their fathers. I pray for their salvation, its all we can do.

these people who by the way, do not in any way know Moses and once again are absolutely NOT jewish. so, stack yourselves up and see who and where my “sword” is cast, for the time is at hand for you. and through the power and the glory of God almighty, vengence is mine sayeth the Lord.

The enemy will parish, just like the enemy always does through out history, they have lost every single time, there isnt ever a time that they have ever won, and for there transgressions, they will be cut down, and made to put sack cloth and ashes on their faces, and to repent to the true Living God.


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