we saw life everywhere

i went to the moon last night with some friends i never met them my sons were with me we stayed in our house at first then we went outside we jumped around and figured it was alot like earth we visited the groves of trees we saw life everywhere we saw people too life … Continue reading we saw life everywhere


we stand on the north pole of saturn surrounded by the walls of kaaba we tried to give them corn they wanted to eat ammo God bless them forever those that suffered under the ring of power don't let it corrupt you too brother, don't become me.

to end all tyrrany?

the empire never fell... although we now have the technology to end all travesty to end all tyranny.. but would that really end all tyranny? or would another system of thought control, another prison system be built? the empire never fell, and they are trying to build a prison around your mind..

Your hatred for the love that i have created on the planet, will never destroy the love i have created hatred, can never destroy love. divine love, is a life giving force an invigorating force and that love, is blind, and not to be twisted into something that is a reversal or opposite, although the … Continue reading