A Sword

a sick society that wants everything for free? a sick society that can't even take care of a public bathroom a sick society that ruins a person for taking care of his children a sick society that poisons the air of the man who is making himself more healthy a sick society that just wants … Continue reading A Sword


full of color

eyes like eagle wolf grey moon visions sun burnt Angels wings long suffering monotonous full of color cracking the light in your chest open revealing the infinity love i was naked, and had no dignity my raiment was stolen by the greatful enslaved i stand on the Rock. i built my home with rock on … Continue reading full of color

Thoughts on the sentient eternal forever light in your chest….

when a mans heart of love is taken from him. what then? is it replaced with a black hole? or, does the heart of love, also contain hatred? does the man of God, the man in your heart, have room for all things? if so, does this consider a thing of judgement? is a pure … Continue reading Thoughts on the sentient eternal forever light in your chest….

On mine and your natural law rights

Lets be definitive darkness is a place of unknowing or ignorance. Light banishes the dark pure evil, does not care whether it is light or dark. so what banishes evil? more evil? no, force is needed, as described in the nuremburg trials, violance is only stopped, when equal or more force is used, to stop … Continue reading On mine and your natural law rights