Thoughts on Hominus Dei or Homo Universalis

So if a Human Being, is a kind of lazer, and what that human beings conciousness consists of, (as far as the physical things anyway) how is it that we settle for such a slowed down, concrete reality?

are not such things made to be changed?

can we finally begin to see things more as plasma?

as clay?

can we give up that things are slowed to a concrete belonging?

Or, is it that we have given that part up, those of us that have anyway, and well, the things that are certain, are set in space time as such?

can we destroy certainty?

i fear English isnt the best language to use to describe and speak on such things and if it is, i don’t know it well enough to do such things.

or maybe we shouldnt be doing such things in the first place..

maybe these things, combined with occulted high technology of influencing a persons actions, has sent us into a downward spiral of “searching” for what was lost, that will never be found again unless we unplug and get away from full spectrum dominance and brain and sex cults that keep twisting and maiming people as they see fit.

or maybe even still we have an emerging “upper” class of people that are psuedo intelectual and actually are okay with stealing and placing, into what ever mood using pharmacuatical gas and these brain weapons they want. a sort of meta criminal that is protected by evil and uses lower classes to do there bidding. making sex slaves, making people into husked entities on radio control.. i guess if you are making someone get fit and be healthy its better then making them go eat fast food and be addicted to things…


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