A Sword

a sick society that wants everything for free?

a sick society that can’t even take care of a public bathroom

a sick society that ruins a person for taking care of his children

a sick society that poisons the air of the man who is making himself more healthy

a sick society that just wants to rip everything to shreds

a sick society that allows drugs in its neighborhood and criminals and lawless corruption..

a sick society that sells humans on a flesh market for sex and other attrocities

socialism? communism? cast all of your belongings into a pile and share?

sure, if youre speaking of a folk that can actually think,

sure if youre speaking of theologians engineers artists, producers, concious consumer producers..

people that love mother earth and all the space around her

people that respect all life everywhere.

people that know the meaning of sharing and reciprocal balance..

a luke warm folk that knows not how even to fight the real enemy.

its destroying them blatantly right out in the open

its GMO

its Vaccines

its targeting good people that are just trying to help and ruining there body with pharmacutical gasses and other high technology.

its global corporate dictates that destroy the earth and indigenous populations

its falling for the race war

its falling for anything thats not really destroying us and

its the turning away of health and wanting the destruction of beauty nobility



mental health


its not realizing that materialism is the worship of your mother

do you spit on your mother

or do you adore her and set her on high as the matriarch

not in a way that destroys consiousness that brings her into existance

will we learn how to swim? or will we all be divided by the energy of Jesus. He that came to divide if you would let yourself be husked?


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