the Wholy Communist Inquisition.

youre free to walk around sure,

sure you can live

meanwhile we will enter into you

mean while we will hack your existence

meanwhile, while youre being in jolly maritime

we are in military time

we are working working the whole time

we never took a vacation

your whole life was a vacation

its too late

we are inside you now

now we are overlaying another dream over yours

now we will slowly try and turn you into something else

something we think is more becoming of you for our purpose anyway.

we will change you through information, drugs in the air you breath

your water

your food.

its over. there will be no revolution

your guns will burn you if you touch them

your mouth will decieve you.

your body will decieve you.

youre a liar

in this war.

our dreams for the universe are your nightmares

and you can not wake up.

we wont let you sleep..

you should have never fell in love in a time of such great inquisition.

the Holy Inquisition is upon you.

sincerily, the Synagogue of Satan.


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