Dear Satanic Resistance

Dear communist terrorists,

Dear Synagogue of satan,


We are not sick, its just your broadcast fake reality of psycopathic terrorism overlayed onto my reality of wholesom good and truth and light


Love is not base and putrid

this is a fisa court warrant for the targeting of every satanic communist neo bolshevic


you will comply or be targeted, deranged and held hostage in your own waking dream


microwave weapons and accessing parts of the brain and nervous system to overlay a fake nightmare is NOT reality,

your reality is disolving, satanic communists.

your soul has been eaten by the great black shadow dog who could never be destroyed but will carry out its mission of soul destruction

Your air is no longer safe to breath

this is a fisa court warrant for your spiritual arrest

in your quest for “fairness and utopic upheaval” you have lost yourselves in favor for TRYING to enslave others.

This is a spiritual FISA court warrant for your immediate arrest and subsequent re education and if deemed to have enough humanity left, you will recieve new souls or be turned back into children.

humanity above miragic transhumanist utopia

humanity above insanity

humanity above enslavement

I have paid the full price for the souls that could never be devoured

you have encrouched on Gods property.

when Heaven fell to Earth

this place came under the rule of true humans with a soul and purpose from God on high.

true and now

they are of Heaven on Earth and you are not of Heaven.

you will immediately cease and desist until you are found worthy of re allowance into Heaven.

your psycopathy will be immediately derailed and you will be placed behind the sons and daughters of man

the Champion of Champions

the King of Kings

the Lord of Lords

who has paid the one and last blood toll

for the salvation of humans on Heaven, who lives in us.

Children of the humans are deemed protected

they are not yet accountable and thus are not subject to such electronic terrorism by said parties. or others with said technology.

The son of man has spoken and thus the waters of this storm are calm for here after for the people of God, IE Homo Universalis.

more and more you will begin to understand this as the days pass until every knee has bowed. Humanity is thus and here to for restored and The satanic resistance is to take its place BEHIND the HOMO UNIVERSALIS, And the son of man. for God has made all things and thus would unmake them just to protect his own. Let the satanic resistance be warned from here unto the time of such things as to allow them “time” to reconsile and take their place as brothers and sisters in Heaven on Earth.


Glory be to the Most High whom also decended into Hades and placed his foot on the serpent and took the keys of Hades and Mundi hell.

Amen and Amen.


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