a tale of two wisemen..

there was a great and powerful being, He could make himself as big as a mountain and he could fly. he could disapear and re apear in another place and time, and he could do many other feats.

He proclaimed loudly,” Look at Me, i am the best, noone can do the things i can do, nobody is as strong as me! I excel at all things!

as he was talking, a small man with nothing came walking past. the great and powerful being bellowed,” can you do the tings i can do? can you make yourself as big as a mountain or disapear and reapear in different places and times? and the small man looked at him, and said oh great and powerful master, be at peace, and with that, he kissed the great beings feet, and when he did, the great being shrunk down and hunched over and drew up his cane and said, “i see now that you are the true master, for I would never have bent over and got onto my knees to kiss your feet! please take pity and mercy on me for i have so much to learn.”


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