What I have been dealing with…

i have been being drugged with multiple different drugs by the community at large, (my suspicions is that it might have something to do with CIA contractors and or gangs. Cartels of the mind..

i dont know what its really about or why.

so if i die of a drug over dose you know it wasnt me. i dont do drugs at all except recreational maryjuana here and there.

this has been happening to me for over 3 years now.

it has changed and mamed my body. and who knows what internal side effects from the multiple different drugs have been forced to breath in.

research a cult of the pug.

dogs that cant breath that good

bad people think good people are dogs..

it might have something to do with racial hate crimes by black gangs as well.

black gangs seem to be extremely racially charged and in an occult way are waging a type of war against the fabric of our known civilizations cultures. especially European culture.

i am so sick of this happening to me and my family everywhere i go.

i have contacted every police agency about this and made formal complaints with the Sherrifs department of Los Angeles County because under the constitution the Sherrif has the ability to stop gangstalking and targeting of individuals with exotic occult high technology. it has not stopped signifying to me that the Sherrifs department is compromised monitarily by these gangs and private contractors.

All of you who still drug me and my children out are worshippers of the god Sin. you are sinners and Neophyte Lunatics who are completely outwardly controlled and follow immoral orders like killing and gassing Jews..

now you Gas true Gewes in LosAngeles. and this Gewe spreads light on your pathetic attempt. the whole world sees how psycopathic and miscreant you are.


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