Author: John O Sanford

tarnished copper patina

round about midnights age tarnished copper patina  silent furling waves trechery through alien artificial intelect entrainment lost humanity,  lost fraternity blessed sacraments changing reality close your eyes you can see it if you want outward manifestation care love  then bind it together and call it a  race to the finish line call it a capstone


in my hands

So lets place the capstone, and make our new language then? or a few bottle caps and a mobile and some sun light.. i was waiting in the late summer for the next few seasons to see the mustard plant of next year.. holding a wild gord in my hand...

A Golden Road..

then  she reared her head in my direction, riding bare back on the beast she said," i eat rocks, i eat diamonds.." my sword plunged into her and threw into the beast.. dividing everything in every direction the beast began its deaththrows and that world she was lay silent  finished Golden roads worlds ahead..