why your streets arent gold

when your pillars of the communities of earth are conning reality those pillars are holding up a den of iniquity a den of thieves and murderers. a den of liars and mocking tongues


Dear Satanic Resistance

Dear communist terrorists, Dear Synagogue of satan, hello, We are not sick, its just your broadcast fake reality of psycopathic terrorism overlayed onto my reality hello, Love is not base and putrid this is a fisa court warrant for the targeting of every satanic communist neo bolshevic hello, you will comply or be targeted, deranged … Continue reading Dear Satanic Resistance

the Wholy Communist Inquisition.

youre free to walk around sure, sure you can live meanwhile we will enter into you mean while we will hack your existence meanwhile, while youre being in jolly maritime we are in military time we are working working the whole time we never took a vacation your whole life was a vacation its too … Continue reading the Wholy Communist Inquisition.